Ben Affleck says life experiences made him a better actor

Ben Affleck is garnering tons of praise for his recent movie, ‘The Way Back’. While speaking about the film recently, Affleck revealed how his real-life experiences helped him steel oneself against his character within the movie.

The Batman actor also revealed how his divorce from Jennifer Garner made him a far better actor. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck opened about the experiences including his marriage and divorce from ex-wife Garner, battle with alcoholism , have helped him in his career.

“For me, the movie was far more about the very fact that — whether it’s having lived enough years have seen enough ups and downs having had children and divorce having experienced tons of various things — I’m at some extent now in my life where I even have sufficient life experience to bring back a task to form it really interesting on behalf of me . I’m not ok to only invent it from whole cloth, you know?” the actor admitted.

By talking further, he added, ”Growing older and having had more intense and meaningful personal experiences have made acting far more interesting on behalf of me and successively made me drawn to the sorts of movies that are about people that are flawed. I didn’t need to do research for the alcoholism aspect of the movie — that was covered.”

“I have three children i would like to spend time with, I even have a life that i actually enjoy, and that i want to actually love my work and tell these sorts of stories, with characters that are as rich because the ones that you simply all portrayed,” he said.

Garner and Affleck share a friendly bond with one another since announcing their separation in 2015 and subsequent divorce. The exes still co-parent their three children, Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 8. Garner has been supporting him over the years during his journey to sobriety.

Following their split, Affleck dated ‘Knives Out’ actress Ana de Armas for nearly over a year before calling it quits in January this year.

Source : Wion news