California emerges as new front of anti-vaccine

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Los Angeles, United States of America

LOS ANGELES — An out-of-work stand-up comic originally from New Jersey. An actor and conservative podcast host wearing a white laboratory coat. A gadfly who has run several unsuccessful campaigns for Congress in l. a. . And a minimum of a couple of who had been in Washington the day of the Capitol riot.

They were among the motley crew of so-called anti-vaxxers who recently converged on the doorway of the mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium to protest the distribution of a coronavirus vaccine.

The loosely formed coalition represents a replacement faction in California’s long-established anti-vaccine movement. and therefore the protest was the newest sign that Californians became the unlikely standard-bearers for aggressive criticism of the vaccines whilst virus cases still spread within the state.

California, which has averaged 500 daily deaths tied to the virus over the past week, will soon become the state with the most important number of coronavirus deaths, surpassing NY .

For months, far-right activists across the country are rallying against mask-wearing rules, business lockdowns, curfews and native public health officials, casting the government’s response to the virus as an intrusion on individual liberties. But as masks and lockdowns become an increasingly routine part of American life, some protesters have shifted the main target of their anti-government anger to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Last week at Dodger Stadium, an equivalent small but vocal cord of demonstrators who previously staged anti-mask and anti-lockdown protests within the l. a. area disrupted a mass vaccination site that provides a mean of 6,120 shots daily. About 50 protesters — some carrying signs reading “Don’t be a lab rat!” and “COVID = Scam” — marched to the doorway and caused the l. a. local department to pack up the city-run site for about an hour.

The disruption illustrates the increasingly confrontational bent of a number of the state’s vaccine opponents, who have long claimed that mandatory school vaccine laws represent governmental overreach. Many were already skeptical about vaccine science, having read online disinformation sites that claimed infancy vaccines caused autism, an allegation long refuted.

In California, the anti-vaccine movement has been popular for many years among Hollywood celebrities and wealthy parents, gaining momentum as state lawmakers passed one of the nation’s toughest mandatory vaccination laws for youngsters in 2015. Previously, parents had opted out of vaccinations by seeking exemptions claiming that vaccines conflicted with their personal beliefs, but the law eliminated that option. the recognition of these exemptions led to immunization rates that dropped to 80% or lower at public and personal schools and preschools in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and other affluent l. a. area communities.

“Anti-vaccine attitudes are as old as vaccines themselves,” said Richard Carpiano, who may be a professor of public policy and sociology at the University of California, Riverside, and who studies the anti-vaccine movement. “The other thing that gets tied into this is often the wellness movement, this concept that natural is best. There’s a broader quite mistrust of massive Pharma, and about medical aid and medical professions. there’s this real marketplace for the discontent that these groups can really quite seize upon.”

In the COVID-19 era in California, vaccine opponents have found themselves increasingly in alignment with pro-Trump, working-class people sometimes wanting to embrace extreme tactics to precise their beliefs.

Anti-vaccine activists within the state have long been aggressive sometimes. But within the past two years, and within the months of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an uptick in confrontational and threatening tactics.

They assaulted a lawmaker in Sacramento and threw menorrhea onto legislators within the Senate chambers at the state Capitol in 2019, and last spring they helped pressure the chief health officer in Orange County to resign by publicly revealing the official’s home address. Last month, a fortnight before the stadium vaccination protest, a gaggle of girls threatened lawmakers at a budget hearing at the Capitol, telling senators that they were “not taking your shot” which they “didn’t buy guns for nothing.”

“I think the thing that’s most concerning is that they’re escalating,” said state Sen. Richard Pan, a pediatrician, and Democrat who wrote vaccination legislation. Pan was struck within the back in 2019 by an anti-vaccine activist and was the likely target of the blood-throwing incident within the Senate chambers that year.

“This movement not only puts out mis- or disinformation about vaccines or lies about vaccines, which in itself are often harmful, but they’re also aggressively bullying, threatening and intimidating people that try to share accurate information about vaccines,” he said.

Protesters who attended and helped organize the Dodger Stadium demonstration said they didn’t plan to enter the location and didn’t block the doorway. They blamed firefighters for overreacting to their presence and shutting the gates and said their goal was to teach those expecting vaccinations but not prevent them from driving inside to urge their shots.

One of the protesters, a 48-year-old actor whose given name is Nick and who asked that his surname not be published due to death threats the group had received, said he didn’t believe that any of the protesters were a part of previously established anti-vaccine groups within the state. “This has all stemmed as a result of this whole COVID-19 crisis,” he said. “It started with the mask-wearing and evolved to now worrying over the vaccine. It’s all about civil liberties.”

The lead organizer, Jason Lefkowitz, 42, a stand-up comic and server at a Beverly Hills restaurant, said the catalyst for the stadium protest was the death of Aaron , the baseball legend who died at the age of 86 on Jan. 22.

Aaron was vaccinated for the coronavirus in Atlanta on Jan. 5, and anti-vaccine activists, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have seized on his death to draw a link. The Fulton County doctor has said there was no evidence that he had an allergic or anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine.

“I’m not a violent person,” Lefkowitz said. “Nobody in my group is violent or physical or anything, but there are tons of individuals that don’t want to require this vaccine or be forced into it.”

No one was arrested, but city officials, including the captain, were disturbed by the symbolism and therefore the global headlines — that a little group of vaccine opponents had temporarily packed up one among the country’s largest vaccination sites and was walking and chanting mask-free among older residents waiting in their cars for his or her vaccine appointments.

“The optics of it’s that it appeared that the protesters were ready to symbolically interfere thereupon line and that I think that we have a greater public responsibility to make sure that that symbolism isn’t repeated,” Chief Michel Moore told the l. a. Police Commission at a virtual meeting.

Protesters were getting to return to Dodger Stadium and were more energized by the eye than discouraged by the social media criticism. Lefkowitz said that after the hearth Department shut the gates, he immediately took it as a positive sign for his group.

“They’re indirectly helping us, because now I’m like, ‘Oh, this is often getting to make the news,’” Lefkowitz said.

The ease with which many of the protesters have slipped from anti-mask to anti-vaccine ideology was on display in one Facebook live stream.

A protester at the location, Omar Navarro, a frequent Republican challenger to Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., told his Facebook viewers that he was “100% certain” that voter fraud led to President Joe Biden’s victory; touted the trouble to recall the Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom; and called Democrats “the real virus.”

“They want to deceive us,” Navarro said within the video. “They want to regulate us. they need to place this muzzle on our face, this mask, which I don’t use.”

One of the foremost prominent anti-vaccine activists in Southern California, Leigh Dundas, a lawyer, spoke at a rally in Washington the day before the Capitol riot and posted videos on social media as she stood outside the building on Jan. 6, shouting, “This is 1776 everywhere again!”

In May, Dundas led a push to force out Orange County’s chief health officer, Dr. Nichole Quick, over her mask order, which was unpopular within the historically conservative county. Quick received death threats and was given a security detail. During a Board of Supervisors meeting, Dundas ridiculed Quick’s credentials, announced her home address, and said she was getting to have people “do calisthenics in masks on her front doorstep, and when people start dropping like flies, and that they will, I’m getting to ask every single first responder during a 30-mile radius to roll lights and sirens to her front entrance .”

Quick resigned nearly a fortnight later.

Kenneth Austin Bennett, the activist who attacked Pan, the senator, was charged with misdemeanor battery and was scheduled to be re-arraigned during a few weeks. Rebecca Dalelio, who was arrested after throwing blood from the Senate gallery, was charged with felony assault on a public official and felony vandalism and features a preliminary hearing this month. A spokesperson for state Sen. Toni Atkins, the Senate president pro tempore, said a report was filed with enforcement after the ladies made the threatening gun-related remarks in January.

Pan said the shortage of arrests at the Dodger Stadium protest suggested that anti-vaccine extremists would feel emboldened.

“There’s a history of individuals being bullying and intimidating, and there’s little or no consequence for doing this, then they escalate, and that they escalate, and that they escalate,” he said.

US first Lady statue set on fire near her hometown in Slovenia

File photo: A life-sized wooden sculpture of US First lady Melania Trump is officially unveiled in Rozno, near her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia, July 5, 2019. Photograph:( Reuters )

A statue folks first lady Melania Trump near her hometown in Slovenia was assail fire the night of Independence Day , consistent with the artist who commissioned the piece.

The wooden sculpture was taken down the day after it had been assail fire.
Brad Downey, the American artist who commissioned the sculpture of Melania Trump had it removed over the weekend after it had been burned.

“I want to understand why they did it,” said Downey, who had hoped the statue would foster a dialogue about the political situation within the us , highlighting Melania Trump’s status as an immigrant married to a president sworn to scale back immigration.
In Washington, the office of Melania Trump didn’t immediately answer an invitation for comment.
Melania may be a former model, businesswoman, and therefore the current first lady of the us , because the wife of the 45th president of the us Donald Trump. At first, young Melania wanted to review architecture, but she was persuaded that modelling was a far better option, and she or he found success doing mostly print add Europe and, later, in NY City.

She married Donald Trump in 2005; became a US citizen in 2006.


Clinical trials of Ayurvedic formulations for COVID-19

Coronavirus vaccine Photograph:( Reuters )

The Ayurvedic practitioners and researchers in India and therefore the US are getting to initiate joint clinical trials for Ayurveda formulations against the novel coronavirus, the Indian envoy here has said.

In a virtual interaction with a gaggle of eminent Indian-American scientists, academicians, and doctors on Wednesday, Indian Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu said the vast network of institutional engagements have brought scientific communities between the 2 countries together within the fight against COVID-19.

“Our Institutions have also been collaborating to market Ayurveda through joint research, teaching and training programmes. The Ayurvedic practitioners and researchers in both the countries are getting to initiate joint clinical trials of Ayurvedic formulations against COVID-19,” Sandhu said.

“Our scientists are exchanging knowledge and research resources on this front,” he said.

The Indo-US Science Technology Forum (IUSSTF) has always been instrumental in promoting excellence in science, technology, and innovation through collaborative activities.

To address COVID-19-related challenges, the IUSSTF had given a call to support joint research and start-up engagements. sizable amount of proposals are being reviewed on means mode by the experts on both the edges , he said.

“Indian pharmaceutical companies are global leaders in producing affordable low-cost medicines and vaccines and can play a crucial role within the fight against this pandemic,” Sandhu said.

According to the ambassador, there are a minimum of three ongoing collaborations between Indian vaccine companies with the US-based institutions.

These collaborations would be beneficial not just to India and therefore the US, but also for the billions who would wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19 across the planet , he noted.

Asserting that innovation are going to be the key driver in pandemic response and recovery, he said tech-companies and start-ups have already begun to require the lead during this direction.

“Telemedicine and telehealth will evolve as will other digital platforms across sectors,” he said.
Noting that there has been longstanding collaboration between India and US in health sector, he said scientists are working together in several programmes to know important diseases at basic and clinical level.

Many such programmes are focused on translational research to develop new therapeutics and diagnostics.

There are over 200 ongoing NIH funded projects in India involving 20 institutions from NIH network and a number of other eminent institutions in India engaged during a wide spectrum of research areas to make health care solutions, the senior diplomat said.

The collaboration under Vaccine Action Programme (VAP) resulted in development of ROTAVAC vaccine against rota virus which causes severe diarrhea in children.

The vaccine was developed by an Indian company (Bharat Biotech) at a reasonable cost. it’s been commercialised and introduced within the Expanded Programme on Immunisation.

Development of the many other vaccines like TB, Influenza, Chikungunya also are ongoing under the VAP, he said.

“As I speak, the VAP meeting is ongoing where experts from both countries are deeply engaged in technical discussions to expedite development of COVID-19 vaccine,” Sandhu said in his remarks.

During the interaction, the eminent experts appreciated India’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and offered their valuable suggestions and best practices.

They shared their ideas on deepening the knowledge partnership between India and therefore the US.

The experts who took part in interaction, were drawn from a wide-ranging fields including AI , quantum informatics , biomedical engineering, robotics, engineering , earth and ocean science, virology, physics, astrophysics, and health sciences.

Prominent among those that attended the virtual interaction were Subhash Kak Regents Professor at Oklahoma State University, Dr Vijay Kuchroo, Samuel L Wasserstrom Professor of Neurology at Harvard school of medicine , Dr Ashish M Kamat, Professor of Urology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Ashutosh Chilkoti, Alan L Kaganov Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University; and Prof Manu Prakash, professor in Department of Bioengineering at Stanford University , among others.


Johnny Depp’s alleged drug bender pics surface in court

One of the images supplied by Amber Heard showing Johnny Depp passed out
Source: Amber Heard

It’s a part of this un-balanced breakfast.

New photos show Johnny Depp’s alleged diet while on a drug bender — with cocaine, booze and a pill box all laid out on a table.
The images taken by his ex, Amber Heard, and shown during a British court on Wednesday, feature a table suffering from alcohol and medicines at her l. a. range in 2013.

Four lines of what appears to be cocaine are seen on the table, along side a mastercard nearby.

There’s also two glasses of whiskey also as a skull and crossbones-decorated pill box marked “property of JD.”

Questioned about the image, Depp didn’t deny that the drug paraphernalia belonged to him.

“If they were mine i might wonder why that they had been photographed,” Depp testified, the Mirror reported.

“I don’t even know if it’s cocaine or not.”

The court heard that the Depp was alleged to be filming a documentary about Rolling Stones star Keith Richards when he started “snorting more and more lines of cocaine,” the Daily Star reported.

In another image, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was seen fully-clothed, passed out on the ground beside his bed.

But the actor insisted that he was “sleeping, not passed out” which his “head is on a cushion,” the Mirror reported.

Depp was on the represent the second day at the explosive libel trial against the News Group Newspapers.

He is suing over a 2018 story published in the Sun that called him a “wife beater.” Depp has copped to taking “every drug known to man” — but insists he never assaulted Heard.


‘Glee’ star feared dead in California while boating

Glee star Naya Rivera
Source: Getty Images

Glee actress Naya Rivera is missing and presumed dead after a Wednesday boating incident together with her 4-year-old son on a California lake, reports said.

A separate boater found Rivera’s son, Josey, during a pontoon on Lake Piru at about 5 p.m. civil time — three hours after the actress rented the vessel, CBS l. a. reported, citing police.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said they deployed air and dive teams to “search for [a] possible drowning victim,” who was later identified as Rivera.

Rivera’s son told authorities his mom never came inside the boat after the 2 went swimming, the report said.

The boy was found with a life jacket , but Rivera wasn’t wearing one, NBC l. a. reported, citing officials.

Rivera, 33, played Santana Lopez on the Fox drama “Glee” from 2009 to 2015.

The show, while cheerful and upbeat from the viewers’ perspective, has been the source of behind-the-scenes drama.

On Tuesday, the actress posted an image on Instagram of herself and Josey kissing.

“Just the 2 folks ,” she wrote.


Nurse killed while trying to help car crash victim in Kentucky

Ana Kincart, 36, with one of her daughters.
Source Twitter

A 36-year-old mother of 4 is dead after stopping to assist a driver who was during a traffic accident in Boone County, Kentucky.

Ana Kincart, who worked as a nurse at VA clinic in nearby Lawrenceburg, Indiana, was driving to figure when she stopped to see on the driving force of a car that she witnessed being hit only a couple of moments before on the Carroll Cropper Bridge, reports.

As Kincart was expecting the authorities to arrive so she could provides a statement, she was hit by another car, killing her and therefore the other driver, consistent with a Facebook post written by relations .

“Our hearts are ripped out,” wrote stepfather Andy Cline.

“Being a nurse she exited her car to see on the young man within the accident. He was OK but she stays to offer a press release to the police. While waiting she was rear-ended by two different vehicles killing both she one one that was within the other accident. Please pray for my family.”

Family described Kincart as a “loving, selfless nurse” who worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The Boone County local department issued a press release saying that the “double fatal accident” happened at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, and initially involved one Chevrolet Camaro, but became a multi-car collision that took the lifetime of two people in separate cars.

Of the four cars that were involved, one driver was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries while the opposite wasn’t injured in the least . the opposite driver who was killed was 24-year-old, Brandon Hicks.

Kincart is survived by her husband, Donnie, and 4 children.


Ghislaine going to live behind cell

The interior of Metropolitan Detention Center.

From beef bourguignon to beef jerky: Ghislaine Maxwell has traded in her palatial New Hampshire cabin for stripped-down confinement at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan prison .

The Oxford-educated British socialite had been laying low during a million-dollar New Hampshire hideaway featuring a cathedral ceiling, a huge floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace and a gourmet kitchen, consistent with the home’s listing.

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged right-hand woman cooked stews for herself during a kitchen with two ovens, a six-burner stove and a luxury refrigerator.

Maxwell, 58, on Monday was transferred to the city’s largest federal jail, where she is predicted to be kept during a 10-foot-by-12-foot cell.

The notorious facility is within the midst of a lawsuit that has sounded the alarm over its potential to foster a dangerous coronavirus outbreak. It’s an equivalent facility where officers last month pepper-sprayed inmate Jamel Floyd to death.

In January of 2019, inmates went freezing for weeks when an electrical fire knocked out power within the building, an environment described as a “humanitarian crisis.”
Maxwell are going to be given a T-shirt and other basic clothing at the MDC along side a skinny mattress, pillow and blanket. She could also be allowed to possess an approved religious medallion or book, like the Bible — but cannot have the other personal possessions.

After schmoozing among the worldwide elite, Maxwell has apparently had a difficult time socializing together with her fellow inmates. One inmate at a replacement Hampshire jail where she was briefly held reportedly called her a “snooty b—h.”

Injuring a high-profile inmate like Maxwell “would be a badge of honor,” former MDC warden Cameron Lindsay said.

“You go from living a life like Maxwell to all or any of a sudden being during a situation where you’re being strip-searched and having people check out your body cavities,” Lindsay added.


SUV driver runs over bicycles

Police try to apprehend a man that attempted to leave the scene after striking a bicycle involved with a Black Lives Matter protest 

An SUV driver was taken in custody after driving through a crowd and over a barrier of bicycles that Black Lives Matters protesters wont to attempt to prevent traffic on a Midtown road, police sources said.

The confrontation between the activists and therefore the driver of a Dodge Durango unfolded at 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue at about 9:10 p.m., consistent with witnesses and police.

The man was driving westbound on 42nd Street, when he was surrounded by roughly a dozen protesters, many on bikes, who were attempting to dam access to the road for five minutes as marchers made their thanks to Bryant Park, an organizer told The Post.

As the ralliers tried to shut off road access, positioning themselves round the SUV, “the driver kept moving,” the organizer, who identified as Mary, 23, said.

“There was a skater ahead … the driving force was being aggressive,” Mary said. “[The skater] tried to form him understand that we weren’t getting to be long.”

Since-deleted video of the incident posted on social media shows a minimum of three protesters step ahead of the vehicle near one among the intersection’s crosswalks as others to the side of the vehicle threaten to pop the car’s tires.

“My man, we’re gonna pop your tire bro,” one protester might be heard saying.

Another protester with a megaphone asks, “Do you’ve got to travel this manner , sir?”

Seconds later, a voice within the video might be heard saying, “Pop his tire, pop his f—ing tire.”

A separate video, which has also since been deleted, shows a person stab the rear driver’s side tire several times. An audible hissing sound follows.

The driver then hits the gas, running over and dragging several bikes.

The man told police he fled because he felt threatened by the group, sources said.

He drove a couple of blocks faraway from where he was stopped by police and brought to the Manhattan South Precinct, sources said.

Police said the person has not been arrested. No injuries were reported.


Priyanka Chopra is ‘Matrix 4’

 Image of Priyanka Chopra and Keanu Reeves Source:( Twitter )

Global icon Priyanka Chopra has reportedly given her nod to ‘Matrix 4’ which co-stars Keanu Reeves who is making his comeback as Neo within the film.

The filming at the present has been stalled thanks to the pandemic but the cast also includes, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul Mateen ll and Neil Pattrick Harris.

Soon after the news of Priyanka joining the ‘Matrix 4’ broke, fans of the actress expressed their joy on the web . In no time, fans took to Twitter to celebrate the actress and her work and her inspiring journey in Hollywood.

Last week, Priyanka was within the news as she signed a two-year multimillion-dollar first-look television affect Amazon. the small print of the deal are yet to be made public.

Speaking on the deal, Priyanka had said, “My quest really is to be ready to tell female stories, work with creators from round the world and make a cross-pollination of storytelling,” adding, “My Amazon television deal may be a global deal, so I can do Hindi language, I can do English language, I can do whatever language i would like .”

Priyanka was last seen in Shonali Bose’ ‘The Sky Is Pink’ which co-starred Farhan Akhtar.


Johnny Depp rejects ex-wife’s abuse claims

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Source:( Instagram )

Hollywood star Johnny Depp accused his ex-wife Amber Heard of lying about him beating her up, and told London`s supreme court on Tuesday that she had actually struck him.

Depp, the 57-year-old star of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films, is suing The Sun`s publisher, News Group Newspapers, and its executive editor, Dan Wootton, for libel over a piece of writing Wootton wrote in April 2018 calling him a “wife beater”.

The paper`s lawyers said they might show the claim was true which he had beaten actress Heard, causing her to fear for her life, during violent rages brought on by alcohol or drugs, sometimes when he had falsely accused her of infidelity.

“For the avoidance of any doubt, I even have never abused Ms Heard, or, indeed, the other woman, in my life,” Depp said during a witness statement during which he characterised his ex-wife as a calculating, emotionally dishonest narcissist.

Wearing a dark suit and glasses and speaking during a deep clear tone, Depp gave evidence at the start of the case at London`s supreme court . Heard, who arrived wearing a red scarf tied round her face, is additionally thanks to give evidence.

In a written statement outlining Depp`s case, his lawyer David Sherborne said Heard had first aired the abuse allegations in May 2016, saying it had been hard to consider “more extreme or violent” claims of abuse than she would make during the trial.

“The Claimants position is clear; Ms Heards allegations are complete lies,” Sherborne said. “The Claimant wasn’t violent towards Ms Heard, it had been she who was violent to him.”

In papers submitted to the court, Depp`s team also said Heard had begun an affair with Tesla chief executive Elon Musk in early 2015 shortly after that they had got married and had engaged in a minimum of one extra-marital relationship together with her co-stars, with actor James Franco named.

Appearing within the witness stand , American Depp said he was the victim of attacks from his ex-wife and had himself sought to avoid confrontation.

“I would attempt to attend my very own corner because it were,” he said. Asked about one argument, Depp said: “It escalated and it got physical … Miss Heard struck me.”


The couple met on the set of the 2011 film ‘The Rum Diary’ and married in February 2015. Heard filed for divorce after 15 months, and days later obtained a restraining order against Depp. Their divorce was finalised in 2017 when the restraining order was dismissed.

Cross-examined by lawyer Sasha Wass, Depp agreed he had taken “every drug known to man” by the age of 14 and said he had a difficult childhood and struggled to return to terms along with his fame and success.

“Even once I speak my very own name it sounds foreign to me,” he said.

The court was shown mobile footage taken by Heard which showed an angry Depp slamming kitchen cupboard doors and pouring himself a “mega” glass of wine.

“I can only say i used to be upset, very upset,” he said, adding it had been not a pleasing video to observe .

Wass said he would become an alternate persona which he himself described as “the monster”, which was brought on by anger, jealousy or drugs.

He said “the monster” Heard mentioned was when he yelled back at her in arguments.

“It would become a screaming match which was the monster,” he said. “It`s not Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”

Depp denied Wass`s suggestion that he had a “nasty, angry side”.

Depp is additionally being sued by a crewman from one among his films in 2018 who accused him of punching him twice within the ribs, the court heard.

Wass recounted a press release from actress Ellen Barkin, who said Depp had thrown a bottle of wine across a bedroom on one occasion and had got jealous and angry.

“Untrue,” Depp replied, saying Barkin held a grudge. “I don’t have an anger management problem.”

In his witness statement, Depp said Heard had thrown a vodka bottle at him, severing his finger off, which his ex-wife or one among her friends had defecated in their bed.

The case is about to last for 3 weeks, the judge, Andrew Nicol, said. Also thanks to give evidence via videolink are Vanessa Paradis, Depp`s former partner, and actress Winona Ryder.