‘Wanda Vision’ season finale review

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After teasing and amusing fans for nearly two months, the ultimate episode of Disney+ first-ever Marvel series WandaVision bound up its first season during a tear-jerking finale.
The final episode started with a strong fight and led to a heartbreaking yet hopeful manner.

As for the twists, while the previous two episodes were high on big reveals from comics of Scarlet Witch, the ultimate episode tied all of them down and gave a sneak peek into what lies ahead for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(Major Spoilers Ahead)

On a magical high, Agatha Harkness brings Wanda to the purpose of realisation (even if unwillingly) and makes sure that the viewers know that her role isn’t yet over.

There’s a much bigger part for her within the making and therefore the post-credit scene establishes that. Also, to notice is that the mention of Sorcerers Supreme aka Doctor Strange, reminding Wanda that her power as Scarlet Witch exceeds even his.

It’ll be interesting to ascertain how the Doctor takes on this challenge and if Scarlet Witch plays the sector with him, keeping their Avenger connection in mind.

the most important moment of relief is that Wanda is not any longer a grief-stricken, lost soul but a strong sorceress who is prepared to get the complete potential of her powers.

As for Vision, while Wanda’s creation kissed her goodbye, the White Vision is not any longer just a weapon. So while we may have seen the top of Avenger’s Vision, a replacement path has been carved for Paul Bettany’s character.

The finale leaves viewers with some answers and conclusions. Viewers, who took their journey with Wanda, needed closure from Vision, and as an entire finale, the series last episode offers them that.

But, it makes sure that the fans know this isn’t the top , but a starting to a much bigger , adventurous world. Next in line of Marvel Cinematic Universe is Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and Captain Marvel 2.

The latter one gets a serious scoop within the post-credit scene, where Monica Rambeau, the small girl from Captain Marvel, is now a strong human herself. She gets an eventful invite from a Kree alien, promising that something is cooking within the space and there’s an enormous reunion on the cards.

WandaVision finale isn’t a blast, but it’s a much-needed anchor which ties and releases future conversations within the Marvel Universe. So take a deep breath, calm your nerves, wipe your tears and appearance forward to a hopeful Phase 4. There’s tons more ahead, for the Marvel fans and for the foremost powerful beings on the earth and beyond.

Jeanne Tripplehorn to star in thriller series ‘The Terminal List’

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Actor Jeanne Tripplehorn has joined Chris Pratt, Constance Wu and Taylor Kitsch in Amazon’s conspiracy-thriller series ‘The Terminal List’.

The show, supported Jack Carr’s bestselling novel of an equivalent name, are going to be directed by Antoine Fuqua, who has also co-written the script with David DiGilio.

According to Deadline, the story follows James Reece (Pratt) after his entire platoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission.

“Reece returns home to his family with conflicting memories of the event and questions on his culpability. However, as new evidence involves light, Reece discovers dark forces working against him, endangering not only his life but the lives of these he loves,” the plotline reads.

According to Deadline, the story follows James Reece (Pratt) after his entire platoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission.

“Reece returns home to his family with conflicting memories of the event and questions on his culpability. However, as new evidence involves light, Reece discovers dark forces working against him, endangering not only his life but the lives of these he loves,” the plotline reads.

New Superman movie to be written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Acclaimed essayist and novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates, the person behind various comic books within the Marvel series, is ready to require his talents into the DC Universe.

The novelist has been hired to write down the script for the feature reboot of Superman, which can be produced by J.J. Abrams.

Coates has already written several comic books within the Captain America and Black Panther series and received “special thanks” credits in three Marvel films: Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

According to Variety, the new Superman film, which remains in its very early development stages, also will be produced by Hannah Minghella. Presently no director is attached to the project and therefore the look for an actor to portray Kal-El / Superman on the large screen has not yet started.

The Superman project appears likely to become his first film writing credit. J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, is additionally reportedly attached to the project.” To be invited into the DC Extended Universe by Warner Bros., DC Films and Bad Robot is an honor,” Coates told Shadow and Act during a statement. “I anticipate to meaningfully adding to the legacy of America’s most iconic mythic hero.” Coates’ talent agency didn’t answer an invitation for comment.

Coates is additionally known for nonfiction works like Between the planet and Me, also as a deep-dive into the history of demands for reparations for formerly enslaved people within the US, and therefore the got to revisit the thought within the present.

“Ta-Nehisi Coates’sBetween the planet and Me’ opened a window and altered the way many folks see the planet ,” Warner Bros. Chairman Toby Emmerich said. “We’re confident that his combat Superman will give fans a replacement and exciting thanks to see the person of Steel.”

‘Between the planet and Me’ was adapted into an HBO film which debuted last November, while ‘The Water Dancer’ is getting a big-screen adaptation from a producing team that has Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, though this is the first DC feature known to be in development under Abrams` expansive WarnerMedia deal, he has several DC series within the works for streaming service HBO Max, including Justice League Dark and Constantine.

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Gender reveal parties are transphobic says Demi Lovato

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The singer took to Instagram to share a post calling out gender reveal parties as transphobic. By sharing a post from transgender rights activist Alok Vaid-Menon, “why gender reveals are transphobic.” The post states that “both insincere and incorrect to pretend that gender reveal parties aren’t transphobic.”

“This isn’t about political correctitude , it’s just … correct,” the post adds. “We condemn gender reveals not due to our identity, but due to reality. Gender reveals are supported the illusion that genitals = gender which there are only two options ‘boy or girl’,” the post continued.

“This definition erases the very fact that there are boys with vaginas and girls with penises which there are people that are neither boys nor girls. the thought that sex is predicated on genitalia is inconsistent with science.”

Demi also thanked the transgender rights activist within the caption and wrote, ” Alok Vaid Menon with the important 🙏🏼💕 many thanks for sharing your knowledge and educating us always.

”The refusal to acknowledge this stems from a misunderstanding of what transphobia is. Transphobia isn’t just prejudice or violence against a private trans person, it’s a belief system that presumes non-trans people to be more “natural” than trans people. Only individual people can self determine their gender”. she wrote within the caption.

Demi Lovato has long been an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ community.

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Charlie said his behavior was juvenile

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Charlie Sheen wishes he would have done things differently, 10 years after his infamous public meltdown.

In a recent interview, the actor reflected on his old methods and said, “People have [said to] me, ‘Hey, man, that was so cool, that was so fun to observe . That was so cool to be a neighborhood of and support and every one that energy and, you know, we stuck it to the person . My thought behind that’s , ‘Oh, yeah, great. I’m so glad that I traded early retirement for a… hashtag.”

Charlie was the highest-paid actor on TV for his role in ‘Two and a Half Men’. But, from 2011 things got out of control after Charlie started saying weird things at odd interviews.

“There’s a flash when [former CBS CEO] Les Moonves and his top lawyer, Bruce, were at my house and that they said, ‘OK, the Warner jet is fueled abreast of the runway. Wheels up in an hour and getting to rehab, right?’ My first thought was kind of like really … there’s some comedy value to what my first thought was,” he said. “In that moment, once I said, ‘Oh, damn, I finally get the Warner jet.’ That’s all I heard. But if I could return in time thereto moment, I would’ve gotten on the jet. And it had been that big left turn therein moment that led to, you know, a really unfortunate sequence of public and insane events.”He continued, “There were 55 different ways for me to handle that situation, and that i chose number 56.”

With the advantage of time, Charlie said he grew from the meltdown, but only after he took ownership. His behavior, he adds, was juvenile.

“I think it had been drugs or the residual effects of medicine ,” he continued. “And it had been also an ocean of stress and a volcano of disdain. it had been all self-generated, you know. All I had to try to to was take a step back and say, ‘OK, let’s make an inventory . Let’s list, like, everything that’s cool in my life that’s happening immediately . Let’s make an inventory of what is not cool.’ you know what I’m saying? and therefore the cool list was really full. The not cool list was, like, two things that could’ve been easily dismissed.”

Still, Charlie wishes more people would have seen his behavior at the time as a cry out for help.

“They showed up in droves with banners and songs, all kinds of fanfare and celebration of, you know, what i feel was a really public display of a psychological state moment,” he said. “I had four children and went through two divorces in and around trying to navigate the landscape of being on the foremost popular show within the known universe, so it had been tons . And sometimes you choose a target, you need a scapegoat, you need someone to place it all on. You know? It cannot be me, it’s gotta be him or them or those folks. and that is just not the road best traveled.”

Christian Bale to work with Scott Cooper for thriller ‘The Pale Blue Eye’

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Christian Bale will reunite with filmmaker Scott Cooper for a thriller titled ‘The Pale Blue Eye’ that revolves around a young Edgar Allen Poe. The Oscar-winning actor has previously collaborated with the director for critically-acclaimed movies ‘Out of the Furnace’ and ‘Hostiles’.

According to Deadline, Cooper will write and direct the film which is predicated on a 2003 novel by Louis Bayard. The story is about in 1830 and finds a veteran detective (Bale) investigating a gruesome murder at West Point Academy.

As an assistant, the detective takes on a young poet with a penchant for drink, the person who will someday come to be known to the planet as Edgar Allen Poe. As they work to uncover the mystery, their own friendship soon unravels as Poe delves into his partner’s own dark past.

Cooper said that the film is his attempt at whodunnit genre. “I want to form films that push me into a special , maybe uncomfortable space, but i’m glad to possess Christian go there with me. I’ve wanted to form this for over a decade and fortunately on behalf of me ,

Christian has perfectly aged into the lead character,” the filmmaker said. “He was far too young once I first thought of creating this. Films are meant to happen at the proper time. Christian is usually in high demand, but to be ready to make this with him are going to be such a joy on behalf of me ,” he added.

Production hopes to start this fall. Bale and Cooper also will both produce the film, as will John Lesher and Cross Creek’s Tyler Thompson.

This will be Bale and Cooper’s third feature together. Cooper last directed ‘Antlers’ for Searchlight Pictures and was also attached to direct Margaret Qualley in “A Head filled with Ghosts.”

Bale last starred in ‘Ford v. Ferrari’ and is at work on David O. Russell’s untitled next film at New Regency and Marvel’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’

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Pink’s daughter Willow makes Billboard debut

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Singer Pink’s daughter recently made her mama proud as her song made its Billboard chart debut.

Pink’s daughter Willow Sage is 9-years-old and is already making records. Pink and her daughter Willow’s duet for his or her cover ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’ dropped on Lincoln’s Birthday and made its thanks to Billboard charts.

To date, the track has charted for one week and reached No. 104 on the Billboard Global 200.

Pink had shared the song together with her fans and wrote, “’Cover Me In Sunshine’ with my daughter is out now!! Hope this one puts a smile on your face 🌞.”

In a statement shared with PEOPLE when ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’ was released, the singer opened about her challenging 2020 and explained that music has been a source of happiness for the mother, daughter duo.

She said, “[The past year] has been numerous things for us: sad, lonely, scary, yes,” but “it’s also been quiet, reflective and an excellent teacher. Willow and that i find comfort in music, so we’re putting this song out for no other reason than that we hope it brings you sweetness, sunshine and luxury too.”

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Katharine McPhee, 36, welcomes first baby

Katharine McPhee and her husband David Foster have welcomed their first baby together. The 36-year-old singer gave birth to a baby boy.

The news was confirmed during a statement, ”Katharine McPhee and David Foster have welcomed a healthy baby boy. Mom, Dad and son are all doing wonderfully”. Foster, 71, is already father to 5 daughters 34-year-old Jordan, 38-year-old Erin, 40-year-old Sara, 47-year-old Amy and 50-year-old Allison from previous relationships.

In a new episode of the “Women on Top” podcast, during which she revealed they were having a son. “Since I’m having a boy, I don’t know if people know that, it’s definitely different, you think that about various things ,” she said when discussing the pressure on women in society. “I always wanted a woman , that’s always what I wanted — I always wanted both. Let’s just be honest that . But now that I’m having a boy, I’m like, ‘Phew, wow, there’s various things i want to stress about.’ Versus the items i might be brooding about with a woman .”

McPhee and therefore the legendary record producer got married in June 2019. It’s the second marriage for McPhee and therefore the fifth for Foster. The ‘Smash’ star was previously married to Nick Cokas from 2008 to 2016, while Foster was previously married to B.J. Cook, Yolanda Hadid, Linda Thompson and Rebecca Dyer.

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Ben Affleck says life experiences made him a better actor

Ben Affleck is garnering tons of praise for his recent movie, ‘The Way Back’. While speaking about the film recently, Affleck revealed how his real-life experiences helped him steel oneself against his character within the movie.

The Batman actor also revealed how his divorce from Jennifer Garner made him a far better actor. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck opened about the experiences including his marriage and divorce from ex-wife Garner, battle with alcoholism , have helped him in his career.

“For me, the movie was far more about the very fact that — whether it’s having lived enough years have seen enough ups and downs having had children and divorce having experienced tons of various things — I’m at some extent now in my life where I even have sufficient life experience to bring back a task to form it really interesting on behalf of me . I’m not ok to only invent it from whole cloth, you know?” the actor admitted.

By talking further, he added, ”Growing older and having had more intense and meaningful personal experiences have made acting far more interesting on behalf of me and successively made me drawn to the sorts of movies that are about people that are flawed. I didn’t need to do research for the alcoholism aspect of the movie — that was covered.”

“I have three children i would like to spend time with, I even have a life that i actually enjoy, and that i want to actually love my work and tell these sorts of stories, with characters that are as rich because the ones that you simply all portrayed,” he said.

Garner and Affleck share a friendly bond with one another since announcing their separation in 2015 and subsequent divorce. The exes still co-parent their three children, Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 8. Garner has been supporting him over the years during his journey to sobriety.

Following their split, Affleck dated ‘Knives Out’ actress Ana de Armas for nearly over a year before calling it quits in January this year.

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Johnny Depp’s alleged drug bender pics surface in court

One of the images supplied by Amber Heard showing Johnny Depp passed out
Source: Amber Heard

It’s a part of this un-balanced breakfast.

New photos show Johnny Depp’s alleged diet while on a drug bender — with cocaine, booze and a pill box all laid out on a table.
The images taken by his ex, Amber Heard, and shown during a British court on Wednesday, feature a table suffering from alcohol and medicines at her l. a. range in 2013.

Four lines of what appears to be cocaine are seen on the table, along side a mastercard nearby.

There’s also two glasses of whiskey also as a skull and crossbones-decorated pill box marked “property of JD.”

Questioned about the image, Depp didn’t deny that the drug paraphernalia belonged to him.

“If they were mine i might wonder why that they had been photographed,” Depp testified, the Mirror reported.

“I don’t even know if it’s cocaine or not.”

The court heard that the Depp was alleged to be filming a documentary about Rolling Stones star Keith Richards when he started “snorting more and more lines of cocaine,” the Daily Star reported.

In another image, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was seen fully-clothed, passed out on the ground beside his bed.

But the actor insisted that he was “sleeping, not passed out” which his “head is on a cushion,” the Mirror reported.

Depp was on the represent the second day at the explosive libel trial against the News Group Newspapers.

He is suing over a 2018 story published in the Sun that called him a “wife beater.” Depp has copped to taking “every drug known to man” — but insists he never assaulted Heard.