Beirut Explosion: Rescuers hear ‘heartbeat’ under rubble

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Rescue and salvage efforts are ongoing a month after the deadly explosion in Beirut that claimed around 200 lives. Rescuers detected a ‘heartbeat’ under the rubble which set off speculation that a person may be b uried and still alive under the debris. The reports are unconfirmed at this point.

However, special sensor equipments were sent to Mar MiKhael area to probe the possibility of a living person trapped under the debris.

“These (signs of breathing and pulse) along with the temperature sensor means there is a possibility of life,” rescue worker Eddy Bitar told reporters at the scene. he was quoted by Reuters.

The search was initially suspended overnight but voluteers continued working.

News of the rescue prompted crowds to form at the rescue site, who grew angry as rescue efforts were paused in a city desperate for hope.

What’s latest on Beirut explosion?

Outgoing Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab was questioned by judicial investigator in connection with the explosion, reported Xinhua. Diab is the highest-ranking official to have been questioned in this matter so far.

He has been criticised for not ensuring that 2750 tonnes of highly explosive Ammonium Nitrate was not safely stored and instead was kept in warehouses at Beirut port close to residential areas of the city.

On Thursday, newly appointed director of Beirut port said that around 4 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate was still stored near the entrance of the port. He urged the authorities to re-export the explosive material to avoid another disaster.