Johnny Depp’s alleged drug bender pics surface in court

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One of the images supplied by Amber Heard showing Johnny Depp passed out
Source: Amber Heard

It’s a part of this un-balanced breakfast.

New photos show Johnny Depp’s alleged diet while on a drug bender — with cocaine, booze and a pill box all laid out on a table.
The images taken by his ex, Amber Heard, and shown during a British court on Wednesday, feature a table suffering from alcohol and medicines at her l. a. range in 2013.

Four lines of what appears to be cocaine are seen on the table, along side a mastercard nearby.

There’s also two glasses of whiskey also as a skull and crossbones-decorated pill box marked “property of JD.”

Questioned about the image, Depp didn’t deny that the drug paraphernalia belonged to him.

“If they were mine i might wonder why that they had been photographed,” Depp testified, the Mirror reported.

“I don’t even know if it’s cocaine or not.”

The court heard that the Depp was alleged to be filming a documentary about Rolling Stones star Keith Richards when he started “snorting more and more lines of cocaine,” the Daily Star reported.

In another image, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was seen fully-clothed, passed out on the ground beside his bed.

But the actor insisted that he was “sleeping, not passed out” which his “head is on a cushion,” the Mirror reported.

Depp was on the represent the second day at the explosive libel trial against the News Group Newspapers.

He is suing over a 2018 story published in the Sun that called him a “wife beater.” Depp has copped to taking “every drug known to man” — but insists he never assaulted Heard.