SUV driver runs over bicycles

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Police try to apprehend a man that attempted to leave the scene after striking a bicycle involved with a Black Lives Matter protest 

An SUV driver was taken in custody after driving through a crowd and over a barrier of bicycles that Black Lives Matters protesters wont to attempt to prevent traffic on a Midtown road, police sources said.

The confrontation between the activists and therefore the driver of a Dodge Durango unfolded at 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue at about 9:10 p.m., consistent with witnesses and police.

The man was driving westbound on 42nd Street, when he was surrounded by roughly a dozen protesters, many on bikes, who were attempting to dam access to the road for five minutes as marchers made their thanks to Bryant Park, an organizer told The Post.

As the ralliers tried to shut off road access, positioning themselves round the SUV, “the driver kept moving,” the organizer, who identified as Mary, 23, said.

“There was a skater ahead … the driving force was being aggressive,” Mary said. “[The skater] tried to form him understand that we weren’t getting to be long.”

Since-deleted video of the incident posted on social media shows a minimum of three protesters step ahead of the vehicle near one among the intersection’s crosswalks as others to the side of the vehicle threaten to pop the car’s tires.

“My man, we’re gonna pop your tire bro,” one protester might be heard saying.

Another protester with a megaphone asks, “Do you’ve got to travel this manner , sir?”

Seconds later, a voice within the video might be heard saying, “Pop his tire, pop his f—ing tire.”

A separate video, which has also since been deleted, shows a person stab the rear driver’s side tire several times. An audible hissing sound follows.

The driver then hits the gas, running over and dragging several bikes.

The man told police he fled because he felt threatened by the group, sources said.

He drove a couple of blocks faraway from where he was stopped by police and brought to the Manhattan South Precinct, sources said.

Police said the person has not been arrested. No injuries were reported.